Upcoming Events: February and March 2014

With Southern Graphics Council’s annual conference taking place in San Francisco this year, Groveland Gallery’s show in Minneapolis, and a three-day workshop in Santa Barbara, February and March are shaping up to be full of the social side of art life.

If you find yourself near one of these venues in the next two months, please stop by!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 8.22.27 PM

Combination Woodcut and Drypoint Workshop
The Rusty Barn, Santa Barbara, CA
February 21-23


Artist Talk at Carleton College
Northfield, MN
March 7th at 4pm, Boliou 161


Opening reception for Girls, a two-person show with Duncan Hannah
Groveland Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
March 8th at 2pm


Intaglio printmaking demo at Kala for the Oakland Museum
Kala Studio, Berkeley, CA
March 11th at 12pm


Opening reception for Altered States, in conjunction with the SGC conference
ARC Gallery, San Francisco, CA
March 27th from 7-9pm


Printmaking demo at Kala for the Southern Graphics Council Conference
Kala Studio, Berkeley, CA
March 28th at 12pm


Altered States artist talks
ARC Gallery, San Francisco, CA
March 29th at 5-7pm

What: printmaking events galore
Where: California and Minnesota
When: February and March 2014
Ambiance: convocation of the last group of Americans to still have use for phone books

“The Edition and the Open Window” in CMA’s Gallery One

Gallery One

From now through April 2014, The Edition and the Open Window will be on view at the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gallery One as part of the show Artists at Work.  It will also be part of their interactive app, ArtLens, with a curator’s statement and step-by-step look behind the scenes at the four woodcuts that make up the print.


The Edition and the Open Window is part of the Place and Process series of prints, each of which was modeled after a printmaker working in the Kala studio with me in 2011 and 2012.


The museum’s Gallery One has a forty foot multi-touch microtile screen that displays images of over 3,500 objects from the museum’s permanent collection.  You can use it to research and plan your tour of the galleries by dragging your favorite works to an iPad.  They also have several other interactive consoles where you can interact with the art in completely new ways.

You can also use the wall to find another of my prints in the CMA’s collection: The Robe, from the Plus a Century Portfolio.

What: The Edition and the Open Window at CMA’s Gallery One
Where: Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
When: October 2013 – April 2014
Ambiance: The future meets the past and they have a rockstar love child.

Kalassal Opening Party Tonight

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 7.47.46 PM

KALASSAL – the yearly half-off print sale to benefit Kala opens tomorrow with great prints at great prices (as well as great music, fellowship, and food).  This is the perfect event for inaugurating the season of gift-giving!  Find a treasure and help keep Kala in the bone black. #printmaker-joke

What: KALASSAL 2013
Where: Kala Gallery, 2990 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA
When: October 4-6, 2013
Ambiance: treasures from the flat files of Bay Area printmakers – wrapped in cellophane

IPCNY: New Prints/New Narratives


New Prints/New Narratives selected by Andrew Raftery opens tonight at International Print Center New York. The center is showing 50 printmedia projects, including my diptych, Girl and Garland I and II. I cherish the mission of this organization, and am pleased to finally be a part of one of its shows.

Here are two more prints from this show that I particularly love: On the left is Yuji Hiratsuka’s Wings, which is the richest color intaglio I’ve seen in a long time. On the right, a still from Lynn Peterfreund’s Storm in a Teacup, a short film made up of 124 unique monotypes.


Also on view is this collection of ten photopolymer/monotypes, The Road Traveled by friend and fellow Kala artist in residence, Jenny Robinson. Printing next to Jenny is always a treat, and I’m looking forward to learning a lot from her at an upcoming residency in Nevada City at the end of the month!


It looks like the curatorial essay has yet to go up on the IPCNY website, but here is a small blurb from Raftery: This exhibition explores visual narrative and the powerful presence it has had in printmaking since its origins. The prints shown here reinvent this tradition for contemporary viewers, and were selected through careful observation of specific details and then arranged into narrative categories such as direct address, layered narrative, aftermath, layered time, and implied communication.

What: New Prints / New Narratives
Where: IPCNY, 508 West 26th Street, New York
When: June 13 – August 9, 2013
Ambiance: from inky presses country-wide to white walls, vinyl letters, New York

Variations at Wally Workman

Today is the last day of Variations at Wally Workman.  It has been a great month, and I’ve been both uplifted and humbled by the support of the Austin art community.  Thank you to everyone who went to see the show, and Wally and Rachel for hosting the work.  Also, many thanks to all of the wonderful models who shared their Frida selves with me – most of your “thank you” prints were mailed this week, so you should be receiving them any day now.  Here are a few links to published reviews of the show:

The Chronicle 1
The Austin-American Statesman
The Chronicle 2
The Austin Eavesdropper
Aether Magazine

It was a blast! Now, back the old printing press…

What: Variations
Where: Wally Workman Gallery
When: June 1-30, 2012
Ambiance: to pick my favorite adjectives from the Chronicle, “badass” and “sublime”

Sculptural Friends

This week, two former classmates from the SAIC printmedia department showed up on Beautiful Decay (one writing, one featured). It was great to see Matt Nichols‘s new work: powerful, meticulously crafted, and a little irreverent. Four years ago, he did a series of paddle ball sets with the faces of tragic celebrities screenprinted to the front of the paddles. I still think of them every time a reference to River Phoenix comes up. In the same class, Easton Miller, the writer of the piece, was working on an intricate series documenting the many different types of male pattern baldness with illustrations burned into wood. I always loved the way it smelled when he was working on it. As you can see, they’ve both gone bigger and more sculptural in the last few years.

Also in the realm of sculpture, this time kinetic, one of the newest drawing machines from our amazing studio manager at Kala, Jesse Houlding, is on display now at Alter Space. These pieces move with the same perpetual-yet-changing persistence that allows one to stare into fireplaces or waves on the beach without getting bored. It’s fun to see the first marks on the canvas in this video:

Also in this series is a set of truck drawings created by letting a 16-pound shot-put roll around on carbon paper in the bed of his truck. I hope these pieces are titled things like, “Trip to Safeway” or “Normal Commute: Tuesday, April 10.” Whatever the names though, I love these drawings.

What: new work from Matt Nichols and Jesse Houlding
Where: Hungryman Gallery, and Alter Space
When: March and April 2012
Ambiance: manly men making meticulous mobile matter, meubles, and machines

The Robe at the Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art has recently purchased The Robe for their permanent collection.

I’m so happy that a piece from the Plus A Century portfolio – so influenced by Cassatt’s color etchings – will be housed permanently alongside the masterworks to which it alludes. And, for anyone in the Cleveland area, the museum will be exhibiting Mary Cassatt and the Feminine Ideal in 19th Century Paris in the prints and drawings gallery from October 14th, 2012 – January 20th, 2013. Stop by and be amazed!

What: The Robe
Where : The Cleveland Museum of Art
When: hopefully for a very long time
Ambiance: a real, no-kidding, serious art museum where you might need to wear white gloves…but haven’t you been wanting to wear white gloves recently?

New Year, New Artists at Groveland Gallery

The work is shipped (and according to FedEx, rolling through Utah at the moment) and on the way to Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis, which opens New Year, New Artists on the 20th. A good way to start off 2012!

What: New Year, New Artists
Where: Groveland Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
When: January 20 – February 25, 2012
Ambiance: a warmly-lit show nestled under oxidized copper shingles on fairytale eaves

The Paper Quilt Project and sculpture by Nancy Mintz

The Paper Quilt Project is showing concurrently at the Berkeley Art Center and Traywick Contemporary through December. I was drawn to the Traywick opening this Saturday both by the lure of work-on-paper and the hope of finding new takes on repeated shape, collage, and other quilty sensibilities. Admittedly, I left the show suspecting that the real power pieces must all be housed at the BAC, because most of the paper pieces at Traywick were pretty tame. The booklet, however, promises wonderful surprises, so I’ll be sure to make it over to the other site.

For me, the hit of the current Traywick collection was new sculpture in the entryway by artist (and fellow Kala-ite) Nancy Mintz. Her walking houses, yearning ladders, and caged eggs continue the thought-provoking study of motherhood that she began at Traywick with her show last March.

Event: The Paper Quilt Project
Where: Berkeley Art Center and Traywick Contemporary
When: October 15 – December 4, 2011
Ambiance: (Traywick) a sleek multi-level, multi-nooked home/gallery inside a former Masonic Temple

Last Day of artMRKT San Francisco

Today is the last day of artMRKT San Francisco. If you have time to stop by and see Kala’s booth this year, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a great shot from Andrea of Dan and Gary installing the prints.

Event: artMRKT San Francisco
Venue: Concourse Exhibition Center
Dates:May 19-22, 2011
Ambiance: the SF version of Art Chicago (with more noticeable/comfortable carpet), great for an efficient inspiration overload