Sculptural Friends

This week, two former classmates from the SAIC printmedia department showed up on Beautiful Decay (one writing, one featured). It was great to see Matt Nichols‘s new work: powerful, meticulously crafted, and a little irreverent. Four years ago, he did a series of paddle ball sets with the faces of tragic celebrities screenprinted to the front of the paddles. I still think of them every time a reference to River Phoenix comes up. In the same class, Easton Miller, the writer of the piece, was working on an intricate series documenting the many different types of male pattern baldness with illustrations burned into wood. I always loved the way it smelled when he was working on it. As you can see, they’ve both gone bigger and more sculptural in the last few years.

Also in the realm of sculpture, this time kinetic, one of the newest drawing machines from our amazing studio manager at Kala, Jesse Houlding, is on display now at Alter Space. These pieces move with the same perpetual-yet-changing persistence that allows one to stare into fireplaces or waves on the beach without getting bored. It’s fun to see the first marks on the canvas in this video:

Also in this series is a set of truck drawings created by letting a 16-pound shot-put roll around on carbon paper in the bed of his truck. I hope these pieces are titled things like, “Trip to Safeway” or “Normal Commute: Tuesday, April 10.” Whatever the names though, I love these drawings.

What: new work from Matt Nichols and Jesse Houlding
Where: Hungryman Gallery, and Alter Space
When: March and April 2012
Ambiance: manly men making meticulous mobile matter, meubles, and machines