Good Press

For those of you who love a perfect-bound art magazine and off-the-press eye-candy, Uppercase is always fun to find in the mailbox. The current issue (#11) also has one page dedicated to my practice (so if you decide to subscribe, please start with #11!). Also, the cover for this particular quarter is awesome:

And another fun new find: Printeresting, the content-rich printmaking blog toured Kala Art Institute (where I work) in mid-November. If you look in several of the photos from the workshop, you will see five square prints hanging upside down in the rafters. Those are stage one (one woodcut complete) of the print that eventually became this:

It was a fun little surprise to see that they’d eeked their way onto the web in infancy.

What: good press
Where: in your mailbox and on the web
When: November/December 2011
Ambiance: good reads – one analog, one digital – and fraternal feelings for the ink-fingered printmaking community at large