The Plus A Century Exhibition Publication

With less than two weeks from the opening of Plus A Century at Wally Workman, the first finished books have finally come from the press. I have always been a sucker for paper between two covers and if there’s something on that paper – all the better. The book includes a full color catalog of proofs and plates from the show, a section on printmaking materials and process, and an essay about the choices – both technical and conceptual – that went into the completion of this two-year project.

Here is a blurb-generated preview of a selection of pages from the book. (Note to viewers: the first spread is blank, so you can click to the right immediately instead of waiting indefinitely like I did for an image to appear…)

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at the show opening on First Thursday!

Publication: The Plus A Century Portfolio
Pages: 76
Publisher: Blurb
Ambiance: a real book and careful thinking about the Plus A Century project – with lots of pictures, close-ups, and love for the tangible