The East Bay Monthly

Elizabeth and Her Laptop – Buenos Aires
is being featured on the cover of the East Bay Monthly this month. Many thanks to Mayumi Hamanaka at Kala for making that happen.

Here’s the blurb:
Artist Ellen Heck created this work as the first in a series of 10 images in her print portfolio, Plus a Century. The title references the etchings of Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt, known for her images of women and mothers with children. Heck’s prints respond to Cassatt’s compositions with contrasting views of contemporary women. As part of Kala Art Institute’s 35th anniversary celebration, Heck’s work is featured in On View: New Work from Kala, May 1–Aug. 15, at the new gallery at 2990 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley—part of Kala’s expanded facility. For info: (510) 549-2977 or

Print: Elizabeth at Her Laptop – Buenos Aires
Venue: East Bay Monthly, on your doorstep
Dates: May, 2009
Ambiance: glossy on the cover, inky on the inside