Evolution of Print: Artists of Kala

The highest-security show of which I’ve ever been a part (with the highest-dollar entrance fee): Evolution of Print: Artists of Kala is curated by the Oakland Museum and located in the gallery space between terminal 1 and 2 at the Oakland International Airport. (I believe that this is very near, if not right across from Hung Liu’s gorgeous glass cranes.) We have not yet gotten the clearance to see it (not having the necessary plane tickets to pass through security), but I will get back to you with pictures after a visit to my sister in Norfolk, VA. Happy traveling!

Also, I’d like to thank Kaoru Kitagawa for having my pieces professionally framed.

Show: Evolution of Print: Artists of Kala
Venue: OAK International Airport Gallery
Dates: August 28 November 27
Ambiance: you’ll either be running past, or killing time