Marin as Frida: New Edition for the Print Club of Rochester


I’m happy to announce that Marin as Frida, a limited edition of 20 prints commissioned by the Print Club of Rochester is now available to members of this vibrant and expanding subscription organization in New York. Many thanks to their president Adam Werth, for organizing this project!

What: Marin as Frida (2015), woodcut and drypoint on Somerset velvet
Where: Print Club of Rochester
When: starting April 2nd, 2015
Ambiance: solemn-eyed and orchid-crowned, the last California Frida

Connections: Installation Shots

Now that the show is closed, here is a consolidated recap of some of the highlights: a virtual tour of the entire exhibition can be found here. You can click on the crosshairs to move from one location in the gallery to the next and move the cursor left and right to rotate the room.


A review by Wayne Alan Brenner for the Austin Chronicle can be found here.

And a 230 page large-format book (also available as PDF) with essays from these and the two previous shows’ print projects and a complete catalog of editioned prints from the last six years of working at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA can be found here.


I’d like to thank everyone who came out to both the opening and the artist talk, Wally and Rachel, the Casa Montessori kids for their willingness to get ink on their hands, and my sweet parents for letting me turn them temporarily into the shipping and storage branch of the studio.

Staff Pick: Forty Fridas

EllenHeck_FortyFridasBook_CoverAndSpread has named Forty Fridas a staff pick! I’m honored by the endorsement, and proud of this 136-page record of the project. The book includes an essay, reproductions of the complete portfolio, and a final segment on process and test-proofs.

What: Forty Fridas
Ambiance: sleek covers, eggshell pages, and my first ISBN

In the Aether

Catherine Zinser, the print room manager at the Blanton Museum of Art wrote this piece on the upcoming Variations show at Wally Workman.  This is the first multi-page article about my work to be published, and it was a lot of fun for me to read Catherine’s interpretation of the new series.  She also explains several printmaking terms and techniques that are helpful to understanding many of the pieces in the show.  Thanks to Catherine for writing, and Rachel Haggerty for organizing this feature!

What: Ellen Heck: Printing Character, by Catherine Zinser
Where: Aether Magazine
When: Spring/Summer 2012
Ambiance: you ladies are making me look good…

Good Press

For those of you who love a perfect-bound art magazine and off-the-press eye-candy, Uppercase is always fun to find in the mailbox. The current issue (#11) also has one page dedicated to my practice (so if you decide to subscribe, please start with #11!). Also, the cover for this particular quarter is awesome:

And another fun new find: Printeresting, the content-rich printmaking blog toured Kala Art Institute (where I work) in mid-November. If you look in several of the photos from the workshop, you will see five square prints hanging upside down in the rafters. Those are stage one (one woodcut complete) of the print that eventually became this:

It was a fun little surprise to see that they’d eeked their way onto the web in infancy.

What: good press
Where: in your mailbox and on the web
When: November/December 2011
Ambiance: good reads – one analog, one digital – and fraternal feelings for the ink-fingered printmaking community at large

Stopping to Play Cards

After a restful holiday with family and friends, I took off a week between projects to complete a few of those between-projects-projects. Here is a set of cards inspired by our friends Zsolt and Jasper Johns. More about these here.

What: a deck of cards
From: your very own ink-jet printer
Dates: anytime
Ambiance: a bit inky on the fingers if you’re not patient and/or don’t have spray fixative

The Plus A Century Exhibition Publication

With less than two weeks from the opening of Plus A Century at Wally Workman, the first finished books have finally come from the press. I have always been a sucker for paper between two covers and if there’s something on that paper – all the better. The book includes a full color catalog of proofs and plates from the show, a section on printmaking materials and process, and an essay about the choices – both technical and conceptual – that went into the completion of this two-year project.

Here is a blurb-generated preview of a selection of pages from the book. (Note to viewers: the first spread is blank, so you can click to the right immediately instead of waiting indefinitely like I did for an image to appear…)

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at the show opening on First Thursday!

Publication: The Plus A Century Portfolio
Pages: 76
Publisher: Blurb
Ambiance: a real book and careful thinking about the Plus A Century project – with lots of pictures, close-ups, and love for the tangible

Davidson Galleries Catalog

Davidson Galleries‘s biannual catalog is now online and in paper, and I am very pleased to be found on page 19, amidst some illustrious neighbors…

Publication: Davidson Galleries’ Catalog
subscribe or download from their website
Dates: Fall/Winter 2010
Ambiance: like Davidson Galleries’s collection in general, a seamless coexistence of old masters and contemporary artists with an eye for detail

Utrecht 60th Anniversary Competition

[Screen+shot+2009-11-08+at+8.31.41+PM.png]It was pleasing to find out a few days ago that this print I did when I was still in Chicago received an Honorable Mention in the Utrecht 60th Anniversary Competition. It will be featured in Utrecht‘s 2010 catalogue as well as in American Artist Magazine in either January or February.

Print: Girl Trying On Her Mother’s Wedding Dress
Venue: American Artist Magazine
Dates: Winter, 2010
Ambiance: glossy glossy glossy