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Shawn HibmaCronan and Nemo Gould at the Oakland Museum

Thanks to Pat Epstein for tipping me off to this opening at the Oakland Museum on Thursday: In its sculpture court and gallery 555, the Oakland Museum has organized a show of furniture-artists-turned-inventors.
[NemoGould1.jpg]Shawn HibmaCronan‘s get-away school desk and other personal movement machines look like materialized daydreams, while Nemo Gould‘s Victorian robots remind me of sculptures that might have existed in the collection of Prince Armitage Ranjit Dakkar – it could have been the artist’s name which inspired the connection, but it could also have been the giant moving squid on 12th street…

Event: Shawn HibmaCronan and Nemo Gould at the Oakland Museum
Venue: the sculpture court and gallery 555
Dates: May 27 – July 30, 2010
Ambiance: sunny, sanded, and polished

Introductions at Davidson Gallery, Seattle

Cara Forrler, director of the Contemporary Print and Drawing Center at Davidson Galleries will be introducing “three new young print artists working with the etching process to create visual narratives” on June 3rd. I am excited about being featured along with Carrie Lingscheit and Matt Rebholz (who happens to teach at UT in my hometown of Austin, TX). The show will be opening on that first Thursday evening for the Seattle Art Walk – Andrius and I are planning on driving up, so if you find yourself in the area, we’d love to see you.

Here’s a quick preview of some of the prints they chose before I shipped them. (Davidson is framing all the work, so it will be fun to see everything spot-lit and behind glass.)


Hoping for a beautiful evening two weeks from today…